International Beaver Day: Respecting Wilderness Guardians

International Beaver Day

Although, beaver is the national animal of Canada, yet it is found across the North American continent as well as Eurasia as 2 dissimilar species. A very special day for beavers is celebrated every year on 7th of April as International Beaver Day.

International Beaver Day History

This day was originally created by Beavers Wetlands & Wildlife (B.W.W.) in 2009 in the United States, Canada, and other countries. Since, beavers have a great role in our ecosystem, this special event is dedicated to them to appreciate and honor them. Since 1985, B.W.W. is working to raise awareness about these lovely species; beavers.

The reason behind choosing April 7 for celebration was the birthday of Dorothy Richards on same day, who was known as the ‘Beaver Woman’, born in 1894. Main purpose of this day was to raise public awareness about the beaver as they very shy species, so many people aren’t aware of their importance.

Facts about Beaver

Common Name

Scientific Name

Number of Species

Population Size




Top Speed



Most Distinctive Feature


Castor genus


10 – 15 million

10-15 years  

16-30 kg

74-90 cm

   5 mph (on land)

Humans, wolves, bears, foxes and lynxes

Bark, leaves, aquatic vegetation and lily roots

   Large, flat tail, webbed hind feet  

Bonus Facts

  • Word ‘beaver’ is derived from the Old English word ‘beofor,’ meaning ‘brown’ or ‘bright’
  • They are the second largest semi-aquatic rodents on earth
  • Habitat of beavers is freshwater, such as rivers, lakes, streams, and pond
  • They can stay underwater easily for 6 – 8 minutes
  • Beavers were almost extinct in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Beavers have orange colored teeth due to iron-rich protective coating of enamel
  • To show danger sign, they slap their tails on the water
  • They have a set of transparent eyelids due to which they see underwater


International Beaver day is a day just for beavers that reminds us their vital role as their dam building activities are very important to maintain our ecosystem. Dams made by them serve as habitats for several plants and animal species. This day is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate them for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Since, beavers are very less known animals, that’s why this day is dedicated to them to raise awareness about their life and challenges.



Beaver hats

During this time, fashion trend of beaver hats gained a lot of fame from all over the world, especially in Europe.


Changed trends

With the increasing trend of silk hats, beaver hats went out of fashion. Due to this, the fur trade faced severe decline.


Symbol of country

Since beavers symbolize the power of Canada, thus beaver was given honored with the official status, making it a symbol for the country.


Creation of Beaver Day

Considering the issue of habitat loss for beavers, Wetlands & Wildlife organization made a day for them to raise awareness about them.

Statistics that Matter

  • Beavers can make dams reaching lengths of over 800 meters
  • Bite force of beavers is around 1800 pounds per square inch (psi)
  • Beaver activities result in wetlands, with up to 10 times more carbon than a flowing stream
  • Lifespan of beavers in the wild is usually 10 – 15 years
  • A beavers’ pair can produce 1 – 6 kits per year
  • They are 70 – 100 cm in length with a hairless tail of 30 – 40 cm
  • The average weight of Eurasian beavers is between 18 – 30 kg

How to Celebrate International Beaver Day?

International Beaver Day

You can celebrate and enjoy the beaver day in several innovative and interesting ways. However, you must consider the options that help to raise awareness and promote the well-being of this clever and significant creature.

Hike to Beaver Bliss

You should plan hiking for this day and go to the dam-spotting as this is the best time to spot some of these noble gnawers.

Explore with Beavers

Take the family kids with you and get into nature as observers. Teach your child about the beavers and nature.

Join the Beaver Crew

Being a diehard fan of beavers, you can get membership to the Wetlands &Wildlife organization to show your support to them.

Dive into Beaver Lore

You can spend whole day in reading books, or watching videos about beavers. Get help from internet to learn about these little flat-tailed creatures.

Visit a Beaver Pond

On this special day, find out some time out of your routine to visit a beaver pond to spot them. Maybe you can!

Domestication and Care

Domestication of beavers is very challenging practice, that’s why has never been reported. Of course, they need special habitat and food, which cannot be provided in homes. Furthermore, their complex social structures, aquatic habitats, and dietary preferences make them very unsuitable for traditional domestication. The NWF provides valuable information about Beavers, their ecological importance, and efforts to protect and restore their habitats.

International Beaver Day Dates

2024 April 7Sunday
2025April 7  Monday
2026 April 7    Tuesday
2027April 7 Wednesday
2028 April 7     Friday


  • Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter
  • Beaverland
  • My First Book About Beavers – Amazing Animal Books – Children’s Picture Books
  • Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber
  • The Beaver: Its Life and Impact
  • Lily Pond: Four Years with a Family of Beavers
  • The Busy Beaver

Yes! The beaver is recognized as the official animal, in fact, the national animal for Canada from 1975. Even then, beaver day is celebrated all across the world with same love and passion.

Yes, beavers are completely herbivores. This is due to the fact that they love to eat only tree barks, leaves, twigs, foliage, and aquatic plants. However, their predators include coyotes, bobcats, foxes, great-horned owls, and otters.

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