Incredible Beauty of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World

Ever think about the most beautiful things in the world? Miss Universe, Taj Mahal, Northern Lights, Atlantis or something else? No! There is more than this! Let’s introduce you with the top 10 most beautiful animals in the world that are so captivating that you will definitely say aww when seeing them.

Just imagine the shimmering colors and beauty of peacock, white splendor of a snow leopard, and the blurred depiction of a hummingbird. Can you picturize it by closing your eyes? Buckle up to discover the top 10 beautiful animals in the world that are just like the hidden gems of the animal world. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

1. Manta Ray

Elegant winged dancer

Most Beautiful Animal Manta Ray

Meet manta ray, which is best known for its flat body and wingspans with length of 30 feet. Ever see the breathtaking dance moves of manta ray, just like ballet? Their extremely flexible and horizontally flattened bodies allows them to move freely and enable them to survive in the tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters.

They have broad heads with pectoral fins (triangular) and cephalic fins (horn-shaped), located on the sides of their mouths. While talking about their body color, they have white colored belly with the rest body in black color. They have an average lifespan of 20 years through which they face several challenges, thus being vulnerable in the IUCN listing.

2. Peacock

Scattering colorful appearance

Most Beautiful Animal Peacock

Peacock is one of the most important animal in our list of the top 10 most beautiful animals in the world due to its stunning and scattering appearance. It is commonly seen in Asia and Africa with 3 species: Pavo cristatus, Pavo muticus, and Afropavo congensis.

Their colorful feathers are breathtaking with blues and greens on their necks. This beautiful animal live for 20 years in the wild. With such a stunning appearance, people have to stop to exactly spot their unique beauty. For more insights about peacocks, their behavior, and their significance in culture and wildlife, you can visit the National Geographic.

3. Snow Leopard

Unique spotted fur

most beautiful animal Snow Leopard

Snow leopard also lies in the category of the most beautiful animals in the world, which is due to its furry and unique appearance. It has pale fur with white and black spots (Neck + head) and rosettes (sides + back + tail) on it. Its appearance become more striking with its green (even gray) eyes with relatively very small head.

As compared to other leopards, it has thick and large tail, which stores the body fat. They are commonly found in the high-altitude Mountains across Central and South Asia. Around 10,000 individuals are currently left, being vulnerable in the IUCN red list. As per Snow Leopard Trust, the snow leopard, “ghost of the mountains”, perfectly camouflages itself amidst the snow-capped peaks of Central Asia.

4. Mandarin Duck

East Asian elegance

most beautiful animal Mandarin Duck

Mandarin duck is one of the most beautiful animals in the world due to its unique colorful body patterns and very impressive small size. Globally, 65000 mandarin ducks exist from which males show very vibrant colors including, blues, greens and oranges, however, females are in maroon and white color combination.

They are primarily found in the forests and wetlands in East Asia, mainly China, Japan, and Korea. Being omnivores, their diet is based on various aquatic plants, insects, and small fish. They have ability to fly through tress. The average lifespan of mandarin ducks ranges from 4 – 10 years, moreover, IUCN listed them as Least Concern.

5. Narwhal

Enchanting marine mammal

most beautiful animal Narwhal - most beautiful animals in the world

Narwhal is a carnivorous marine mammal that is very similar to the small whales in appearance. Its appearance becomes more captivating due to the prominent tusk on its skull and a dorsal ridge (not an actual fin on the back). Their body size is usually 13 – 20 feet with a tusk size of around 10 feet. An amazing fact about narwhal is their weight which is 1.5 tons, being equal to the weight of a car.

From a lot of other beauties of narwhal, one is its color-changing ability ranging from dark blue or gray color (at birth) to entirely white (old). The average population of narwhal is estimated to be 123,000 individuals which is living in the waters of Arctic Ocean. The good news is that they are considered as a species of Least Concern by IUCN! For in-depth information about narwhals, their biology, habitat and conservation status, you can visit the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

6. Morpho Butterfly

Unique wing combinations

most beautiful animal Morpho Butterfly - most beautiful animals in the world

Morpho butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Their breathtaking metallic, iridescent wing colors along with shimmering effect, just melt the heart at first glance! Their stunning colors include green, purple and (very small) brown with a unique combination and patterns on their wings, spanning up to 8 inches.

Millions of this magical animal species are spread across the South America, Central America, and Mexico. Although their lifespan is dependent on the species or location, most of them live upto 7 months only. So, whenever you see a butterfly around, examine it closely – you might just be gazing at a morpho butterfly.

7. Golden Snub-nosed Monkey

Heart-stealing monkey

most beautiful animal Golden Snub-nosed Monkey - most beautiful animals in the world

Golden Snub-nosed Monkey steals the hearts with its unique and charming looks, thus being an important part of our list of top 10 most beautiful animals in the world. They have large bodies with different colors, mostly brown and golden. They have long reddish golden hairs on their backs and cape whereas the crest, back, crown to nape, and arms vary in between light to dark brown color.

Their face is very short with white colored flat and hairless noses having forward-facing nostrils. There is pale blue color around their eyes and edges of their faces. The population of snub-nosed monkey is only 15,000, being vulnerable in the IUCN listing.

8. Red Fox

Stunning Red Fur

Red Fox - most beautiful animals in the world

Slim legs, large bushy and white tipped tail, sharp ears, long snouts and red fur across their face, back, sides, and tail are the most prominent features of the red fox. They have greyish white color on their chin, throat and belly, whereas feet and ears are black.

Their body is around 26 – 42 inches in length from which 14 – 16 inches is just for the tail. Their average lifespan is around 3 – 4 years in the wild with an estimated population around 9,405,000 individuals in the Arctic tundras and busy cities across the forests, grasslands, and mountains. They are ranked as a species of least concern in the IUCN list.

9. Scarlet Macaw

Large, colorful bird

beautiful animal Scarlet Macaw - most beautiful animals in the world

Blue sky seems to be painted in vibrant colors when scarlet macaw takes a trip! This large and colorful bird exists on our planet with an estimated population of around 50,000 individuals. They have very small featherless face in creamy white color (with a patch of black and white) with a furred body in bright red color and whitish curved beak. Its wing colors include fresh blue and yellow, lacking green.

They are considered among the largest parrots in the world, being 33 inches from head to tail. They are mostly found in the humid forests of Central and South America near rivers and clearings. They have relatively large lifespan of 40 – 50 years in the wild. Due to some factors, they stand as the “near threatened species” in the IUCN listing.

10. Glass-winged Butterfly

Transparent wing beauty

 beautiful animal Glass-winged Butterfly - most beautiful animals in the world

Glass-winged butterfly is the showstopper of our show of top 10 most beautiful animals in the world! As clear from its name, its wings are transparent, only wing ends and veins (Rich brown outlines with hints of red or orange shading) can be seen! Sometimes, it is named as “forest spirit” because its transparent wings protect them from other predators as they can’t spot it easily.

This lovely colorless butterfly is resident of Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and Florida. However, its exact population is unknown due to difficult spotting. They have very short lifespan of just 3 weeks and known to be the “Least Concern” species by IUCN.

Decoding the Rankings

While justifying above mentioned list of top 10 most beautiful animals in the world, many factors come under observation such as visual appeal, uniqueness, habitat, and conservation status. Manta Ray is ranked first due to its graceful movements and unique physical features. Peacock and Snow Leopard are positioned according to their stunning appearances and other characteristics. The Mandarin Duck has vibrant colors and Narwhal has distinctive tusk. Moving through morpho butterfly, golden snub-nosed monkey, red fox and scarlet macaw, we finally reach glass-winged butterfly, which has transparent wings. Each animal has unique appearance and features, thus being a part of our list of top 10 most beautiful animals in the world.


Depending on several preferences, it can be difficult to position single animal on top. However, majority agrees that peacock, morpho butterfly, and scarlet macaw are the most beautiful animals.

Due to vibrant colors, peacock and Mandarin duck are the most beautiful animals.

Mostly male animals are more colorful and beautiful than their females. However, female eclectus parrot is the one which beats its male partner in beauty.

Although, lions have very powerful appearance, yet tigers are considered to be the most beautiful apex predators in the world.

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