Meow Moments: Exploring National Cat Day and Its Impact

National Cat Day

National Cat Day, created by Colleen Paige and observed on October 29th annually, is a celebration for cat lovers. With 40-70 known breeds, the day emphasizes the beauty of these animals. The main purpose of this event is to raise awareness about the needs of cats, thus endorsing their respect and care.

History of National Cat Day       

Colleen Paige was an animal welfare advocate and lifestyle writer, who established this day in 2005. She is also awarded as the originator of National Dog Day and National Puppy Day. These days have same objective to advance the awareness about loving and respecting animals. Cat Day is a global celebration for cat lovers to express their love and affection to their mates.

Facts about Cats

If you have a cat in your home, you might love and care it and claim “I know everything about my cat”, then hold on. There might be a world of interesting facts about them from which you are not aware yet!

Common Name

Scientific Name

Number of Species

Population Size




Top Speed



Most Distinctive Feature

Domestic Cat

Felis catus

100 recognized cat breeds

600 million

15 – 20 years

  2.3 – 9 kg

  45 cm

Up to 30 mph

Birds, rodents, insects, and small mammals

Mice, rats, moles, shrews, rabbits, and birds

Sharp retractable claws and keen senses


This special cats’ event emphasizes the enduring bond between cats and humans, urging awareness for those, without homes. Domestication of cats has very old history about 12,000 years back, which shows a strong relationship between humans and cats. Cat day aims to promote the preservation efforts and it encourages the celebrations among cat lovers from all around.



Vox in Rama

Pope Gregory IX issued a document, known as Vox in Rama, specifying that black cats are a depiction of Satan.


Cats in Media

Over time, cats have transitioned from being disliked to become cherished mates, as people learned more about them, dispelling misconceptions.


Mummified Cats

About 80,000 mummified cats and kittens found at “Beni Hassan” by archaeologists reveal a historic, strong human connection with cats.


First Commercial Aired

Morris the Cat, an iconic figure in American pop culture, starred in 9 Lives cat food commercials and became a symbol of success with a remarkable 58 commercials, making TV advertising history.


Cat on Set

Morris the Cat, after gaining popularity, starred as a Hollywood detective named McCoy in the film “Shamus.” This opportunity elevated his fame, securing a lasting place in history.

Statistics that Matter

  • Cats are the only mammals without ability to taste sweet things
  • They can jump 6 times of their height
  • Wealthiest cat in the world, Blackie has a treasure of 12.5 million US dollars
  • Number of bones in cats is 230
  • Oldest known pet cat was Crème Puff with age of 38 years and 3 days in Austin
  • From sleek Siamese to fluffy Maine Coon, there are about 100 cat breeds in the world

How to Celebrate National Cat Day?

happy National Cat Day

This is a day to hug your cat tightly and love it! You have plenty of options to do on national cat day. Let’s have a look!

Open Heart to a Cat in Need

To enhance your family, consider adopting a cat. They serve as constant companions, ensuring happiness and joy throughout your day.

Pay Attention to Your Pet Cat

If you already have a cat then this is the day to show some extra care and love. Take your cat to some garden or provide your cat his/her favorite food.

Donate to a Pet Shelter

Consider donating to cat charities or shelters if you’re cat-less but full of love for our feline friends. Your contribution can make a meaningful impact on the well-being of cats in need. In this context, more prominent options are:

  • Alley Cat Allies – Focuses Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs
  • EveryCat Health Foundation – Works on cats’ medicine and research
  • National Cat Protection Society – Provides accommodations and educational resources
  • International Cat Care – Aiding Cat Lovers in Ensuring Their Pets’ Safety

Relax with a Cat-Themed Movie

This is the best day to spend time and relax with your cat! Plan a movie and put your cat in your lap and watch together. The most notable options for you are:

  • A Street Cat Named Bob – Biographical British film 2020
  • Cats – Longest running musical show 2018
  • Kedi  A Turkish documentary film 2016
  • Puss in Boots – Film based on an Italian fairy tale character 2011

Support Your Local Shelter

This is the best time to play with cute kittens, help them and clean the places they live. Your visit will definitely prove very pleasant for those innocent kittens. Celebrate National Cat Day and learn more about cat care, adoption and advocacy here.

Domestication and Care

Cats have been one of the most popular pets from a long time. Their domestication is strongly encouraged because of their lovely and cute habits. Moreover, they have proved their selves as the truest friends of human beings. It is necessary to understand proper needs of these feline companions including their diet and health.

National Cat Day Dates

2023  October 29  Sunday
2024 October 29Tuesday
2025October 29 Wednesday
2026   October 29     Thursday
2027      October 29    Friday


Yes, cats belong to the family of mammals and they are best known for their unique qualities, and independence. Either they are domestic or wild, they have furry coats, give birth to their child and nurse them.

Cats need more than humans, either care or sleep! On average, a cat needs sleep of 12 – 16 hours a day, varying with their health, age or temperament. However, kittens need more than the adult cats, similarly, outdoor cats need less sleep than those which are domesticated with different sleep patterns.

On average the lifespan of cats is 15 to 20 years, which is variable depending upon their health and environment. Mostly, domesticated cats cross the barrier of 20 years easily than other cats.

National pet day is a special event which is celebrated on 11th of April every year. According to estimates, around 2/3rd of Americans have pets, besides this, 70-80 million dogs and 74 – 96 million cats are yet homeless. Not only this, a large number of rabbits, fish, turtles and gerbils are also taken as pets.

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