How to Celebrate World Turtle Day: Conservation Tips and Awareness Ideas

World turtle day

You must have heard about the turtles in stories, literature, and poetry that they are very slow and steady. Basically, they are a type of reptile that are able to live in diverse environments throughout the world. To appreciate their presence on our planet, we celebrate a day for them, World Turtle Day on 23 March.

World Turtle Day History

World turtle day was created by American Tortoise Rescue (established in 1990) in 2002 to protect turtles and tortoises (both of which are mistakenly considered same). Basically, this rescue was established by an animal activist married couple; Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson.

The couple was best known for their love with all animals, including reptiles. Since 1990, American Tortoise Rescue is working effortlessly and provided shelters to 4,000 tortoises and turtles.

Facts about Turtle

Turtles as Eco-Heroes

Turtles dig holes that are afterwards inhabited by other creatures. Not only this, they keep our beaches clean by consuming the dead fish (present on seaboards).

Testudines and Chelonia

Scientific name of the common turtle is “Testudines”, whereas the scientific name of the green sea turtle is “Chelonia mydas” 

Diet Diversity

The diet of turtle is based on their environment. Land-living turtles will munch on beetles, grass or fruit, however sea-turtles eat everything including algae, squid or jellyfish.

Breath of Life

Turtles are classified as amniotes, so they breathe air and do not lay their eggs underwater (being different from amphibians, who lay eggs underwater).

Tu’i Malila’s Legacy

Turtles are cold-blooded animals and they live very long lives. According to findings, the oldest recorded turtle, named Tu”i Malila lived for 188 years. Amazing, right?

The Green Diet

Green sea turtles eat only green things underwater including seagrass and algae. This diet gives them green color.

Sands of Life

Sea turtles lay their eggs in a nest, made in the sand with their back side paddles. A group of eggs is known as a clutch.

Beyond the Shell

Unlike common turtles, sea turtles are unable to retract their flippers and head into their shells. They use their rear flippers as rudders, for steering.

Inside Out

The shell outside turtle body is made of its bones (more than 50). The top part of shell is known as carapace whereas lower part as plastron.


World Turtle Day

The main purpose of the turtle day is to appreciate these noble reptiles and their existence. This day encourages people to help and protect the turtles (both common pet turtle and endangered sea turtle). This day reminds us that how this fascinating creature maintains the ecological balance in their ecosystems. Got the scoop on tortoise vs turtle?

 World Turtle Day Timeline


Story Beginning

Aesop wrote and published the story “The Tortoise and the Hare” for the first time.


A New Movement

2 animal lovers, Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson started the American Tortoise Rescue.


First Turtle Day

With the efforts of American Tortoise Rescue, the idea of celebrating a day for turtles came true.


Turtles in Stamps

United States Postal Service (USPS) started use of stamps, called “Save the Sea Turtles Stamps”.

Statistics that Matter

  • Turtles exist about 200 million years, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth
  • There exists more than 356 types of turtles with different shape and size
  • Leatherback sea turtle was the largest turtle with weight of 2,000 pounds
  • Turtles are slow on land, but in water, they can reach up to 22 mph
  • Turtles live very long life spanning 100 – 250 years
  • The Aldabra giant tortoise got the title of the longest lived turtle

How to Celebrate Turtle Day?

Help Needy Turtles

Contact the American Tortoise Rescue to find out some of the best ways to help the needy ones. Or try yourself to spread the awareness for their well-being.

Discover Turtle Life

Turtle day is the best occasion to adopt a turtle or tortoise from the rescue shelter. Explore about life and diet of turtles to provide them best life.

Mark the Occasion

One of the easiest ways to celebrate this event is to donate funds to a trusted organization that works for the welfare and protection of turtles.

Clean for Change

As we all know that plastic is very hazardous for animals, especially marine species. On world turtle day, gather other people with you and clean some local place to start a change.

Raise Awareness

Spread the awareness among the people about the importance of turtle in our lives. Tell public about how we can protect and conserve them.

Domestication and Care

Turtles have become very popular pets as they are best known for their shells and slow movements. However, it is necessary to maintain a proper habitat, and nutritional diet for them. You should also manage regular check-ups for your pet turtle to monitor its well-being properly.

Turtle Day Dates

2024May 23Thursday
2025May 23Friday
2026May 23Saturday
2027May 23Sunday
2028May 23Tuesday


1. Turtles live in the water, while tortoises live on the land
2. Turtles have streamlined and flat shells, while tortoises have larger and more domed ones.
3. Average lifespan of tortoise is around 150 years, while turtles live up to 40 years

There are several factors behind the ‘endangered’ status of turtles, which include climate change, plastic usage, habitat loss, ocean pollution and most importantly fisheries bycatch. We all should try individually to protect them and promote their well-being.

Turtles have very slow metabolism due to which they don’t spend their energy in any activity. For instance, they are cold-blooded due to which they don’t need to spend energy on maintain their body temperature. Other factors that contribute to their long life include their protective shells, and efficient organ function.

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