World Lizard Day Special: Unveiling the Wonders of Reptilian Diversity

world lizard day

Lizards, currently with 600 species had been a part of our planet from the time of dinosaurs. They are present all over the world except Antarctica continent. In order to celebrate their existence and show them appreciation, World Lizard Day is celebrated every year on August 14. Yet this day doesn’t not exist in some big organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.).

World Lizard Day History

In order to protect these significant reptiles, lizard day is celebrated yet its origins are unclear just like many other holidays. This day was declared to educate people about the lack of interest and knowledge that lizards are facing. Although, the name of this day just shows lizards, yet it is a day for the appreciation of all the reptiles.

Facts about Lizards

  • Many species of lizards have no legs
  • Although lizards seem to be much similar with dinosaurs, yet they are different
  • Some species of lizards can sound, such as geckos can chirp, click, and squeak
  • Geckos are best known for their ability to cling to surfaces
  • The sex of reptiles is known by their environment temperature (outside the egg)


 On world lizard day, we come to know about the challenges that are being faced by lizards currently. This day emphasizes their importance worldwide as they are mostly ignored or underestimated by us. Moreover, lizard day provides an opportunity to highlight the diversity of these interesting creatures and the importance of conserving their habitats. Moreover, this day raises awareness among the people to protect lizard species worldwide.

Lizard Day related Holidays

  • World Wildlife Day: March 3rd
  • Reptile Awareness Day: October 21st


312 Million Years Back

First proto-reptiles

Evolution of the very first proto-reptiles was witnessed during the Carboniferous period.

13th Century

Just 1 group

It was thought that amphibians, reptiles, and worms were alike, so they were put in 1 group.

19th Century

Amphibians vs reptiles

Understanding regarding amphibians vs reptiles was considered to put the both in different categories.

21st Century

Conservation of lizards

Reptile skin trade, being well-paid worked as a trigger to focus the conservation efforts for lizards.

Statistics that Matter

  • Komodo dragon (3 meter) is considered as the largest and heaviest of all the lizards in the world
  • There are more than 6,000 species of lizards in the world
  • The speed of lizards can reach up to 16 miles per hour (25.7 km/h)
  • Some lizards (like Tuatara) can live for more than 100 years
  • The smallest lizard in the world is the tiny Jaragua Sphaero (1.6 cm) from the Caribbean
  • About 1/5th of all the reptile species is considered as endangered or close to extinction

How to Celebrate Lizard Day?

World Lizard Day

Supporting Scales

You can plan to visit your local reptile park to explore some species of lizards around you. Or even you can support some reptile park or farm to improve their life.

Conserving the Crawlers

Another way of celebration of world lizard day is to host or attend the educational programs at local zoos, or nature centers that focus on lizards. You can learn about their habitats, behaviors, and the importance of conservation.

Spreading Lizard Love

You can get the best use of social media platforms to share and spread the most interesting and fun facts about lizards. You can raise awareness about their conservation issues and encourage people for responsible interactions with these reptiles. On the related note, got the scoop of Iguana?

Painting the Town Lizard

Lizard-themed art and crafts is another way to take part in the celebration of world lizard day. You can draw, paint, or create sculptures of lizards to show people some ways to appreciate these unique creatures.

Delving into Books and Documentaries

Another ways of celebrating this day is to read some lizard based book or watch some documentary based on them. This will be quite knowledgeable way for you to both enjoy and celebrate. Regarding movies, choose from “The Curse of the Komodo”, “Godzilla”, “Frogs”, “Mysterious Island” or “The Lost World”.

Domestication and Care

Lizards need very suitable environment to be domesticated. It is because of their ectothermic nature due to which they rely on their environment for thermoregulation. Moreover, they need a plenty of items as food, typically consisting of insects. You should do complete research before you buy or adopt a pet lizard. In this context, the IUCN provides comprehensive information on conservation efforts, research, and species protection.

Lizard Day Dates

2024August 14Wednesday
2025August 14Thursday
2026August 14 Friday
2027August 14Saturday
2028August 14Monday


Yes, lizards can be trained to some extent but not all of them! One can train them through positive reinforcement and conditioning. However, their level of intelligence and responsiveness is unlike for different species.

Lizards do not drink much water during the day. However, the diet of lizards is dependent on their species. They become very active hunters during the day and their diet may include:

  • Insects: Ants, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, and spiders
  • Worms and Larvae
  • Small Vertebrates: Small mammals, birds, or other reptiles
  • Fruits and Vegetation: Fruits, flowers and vegetables
  • Arachnids: Scorpions and different types of spiders

Since lizards are ecto-thermic animals, they cannot maintain their body temperature in winter as it is cold outside. In colder temperatures, lizards become very less active and sometimes enter a state of inactivity as they are cold-blooded. Even, most of them hibernate or seek shelter to conserve their energy during the winter months.

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