World Bee Day: A Global Tribute to Pollinators and Their Vital Role

World bee day

World Bee Day, celebrated on May 20 is an event that educates people about the importance of bees. This special day was made by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, which afterwards spread all around the world. Since, many people are unaware of the vital role of bees in our ecosystem as pollinators, this day reminds us their importance and teaches us to protect them from their extinction.

World Bee Day History

Bee day is a creation of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association with the support of Slovenian Government, which launched a campaign in 2014 to protect all the pollinators including bats, hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Afterwards, this day was declared to be celebrated on every 20th of May. Moreover, this initiative was then adopted by the largest international beekeepers’ organization, Apimondia in 2015.

With the passage of time, the Economic and Financial Committee of the United Nations adopted this resolution in 2017, which was supported by the General Assembly of the U.N. Not only this, 115 countries agreed with this resolution, being major sponsors including the U. S., Canada, China, Argentina, India, Brazil, Russia, and Australia.

Facts about Bees

  • Bees communicate with each other through “waggle dance”
  • Only Bumblebees can generate heat and buzz simultaneously
  • Bees have super hairy bodies, helping them to collect pollen
  • Although worker bees are very busy, yet they take naps of 15 – 30 seconds
  • Bees are able to see UV light, helping them to spot patterns on flowers (nectar guides)


The delightful occasion of world bee day is very special for us, especially those who love nature! On this special occasion, different beekeeping events are organized to aware public how vital bees are as pollinators and how they help to revive forest cover. Not only this, bee day reminds us that the population of bees is under threat, so we must take action to protect them. Learn more about bees and their importance to our ecosystem at Xerces Society. Besides, The Bee Conservancy spotlights the importance of bees and how you can help protect them.


10,000 Years Back

Hive Products

Humans discovered a delightful duo of honey and beeswax. They started to use it for personal purposes like material for candles and lotions.

7000 Years Back

Cave Paintings

A proof of the strong human-bee relationship was found by several prehistoric cave paintings in Spain.


Father of Beekeeping

L. L. Langstroth was credited with the title of “father of American beekeeping” as he invented the modern Langstroth hive.


Bee Haven

An exclusive museum for bees was specified in Kluczbork, Poland to appreciate these energetic pollinators.

Statistics that Matter

  • 0.00025 pounds: Average weight of a bee
  • 50,000: Number of bees in a hive
  • 1 Tbsp.: Amount of honey that bees produce in whole life
  • 15 mph: Normal speed of bees
  • 50 -100: Number of flowers that bees visit to collect nectar
  • 800,000: Number of eggs a Queen bee lay in her life
  • 200: Number of wing beats per second that bees make
  • 2 Million: Number of flowers visited by bees to one jar of honey
  • 5: Number of eyes of bees
  • 6: Number of legs of a bee
  • 100: Number of flowers visited by bees in a minute
  • 500 Million: Number of sperm cells that a drone (male bee) produces
  • 70,000: Number of bee trips to make one teaspoon of honey

How to Celebrate World Bee Day?

World Bee Day

Below are some ways to appreciate and celebrate this special occasion:

Supporting the Buzz

Give donations to some charity that works for the conservation and welfare of bees. This will be definitely helpful for the needy ones.

Nourishing Garden Friends

Provide them with some of their favorite foods by placing a full arrangement of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Adding Suitable Flowers

You can buy some nectar-bearing flowers and put them on some suitable place for both decorative and bee-saving purposes.

Crafting Pollinator Paradise

You can create some suitable habitats for the pollinators such as bees, or butterflies. Or even you can make some pollination station for them.

Buying Hive Treasures

Buy some hive products including honey, or wax. You can also gift such products to your friends or family to appreciate these amazing pollinators.

Supporting Bees Locally

Find out some ways from a local beekeeper about keeping your garden a bee-friendly environment. Or support a local beekeeper and get some tips to protect the bees.

Protecting Bees

You can protect them from the harmful pesticides by spraying your garden. However, you need to be careful about timings so that it doesn’t affect the bees.

Domestication and Care

While domesticating bees, it is necessary to maintain a proper environment for them to ensure their well-being. You should make a proper setup of hives, and most importantly choice of location is very important. To keep them protected from diseases or pests, you should also monitor the cleaning situation around their habitat.

World Bee Day Dates

2024   May 20Monday
2025   May 20Tuesday
2026   May 20    Wednesday
2027   May 20 Thursday
2028   May 20  Saturday


Yes, it’s true that bumble bees sting, but it is very rare because they don’t commonly use their sting unless they feel threat. Bees are considered as non-aggressive as compared to some other insects, like wasps or hornets.

The average lifespan of worker bees ranges between 2 – 20 weeks, whereas drones (male bees) can live for 30 – 55 days. However, the queen (that lay eggs) has larger lifespan of 1 – 5 years.

According to records and current findings, it is revealed that population of bees is declining worldwide. Several factors are behind it which include climate change, habitat loss, pesticides and more.

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