New Animal Welfare Laws Explained by Texas Humane Legislation Network

New Animal Welfare Laws Explained by Texas Humane Legislation Network

The Texas Humane Legislation Network and the Young County Humane Society recently convened a session dedicated to elucidating the new animal welfare laws pertaining to animal cruelty.

“We call them road shows to try to tell the citizens about the laws that passed, the future bills that are being brought in the capitol that relate to animals and how they can get political for animals.”

Shelby Bobosky, Executive Director of THLN stated.

Shelby’s group is strategically structured to elevate the awareness among community members regarding the stat’s endeavors in safeguarding animals.

“There’s so much confusion surrounding our laws in the state of Texas that deal with the animals. And so by having these meetings, it allows citizens to just ask any question that’s on their mind or anything that’s happened with respect to animals in their lives.”

Bobosky added.

Through these gatherings zoomed in on new animal welfare laws, the group imparts to the community the optimal practices for treating animals with compassion. Additionally, in recognition of his tireless efforts to prevent the mistreatment of pets, Dan Birbeck – Olney Chief of Police – was bestowed with a prestigious award.  

“It’s been great to see how Chief Birbeck and his staff take that seriously. They have taken a proactive approach and have really gone above and beyond in protecting animals and prosecuting the people that are not treating them right.”

Olney Mayor Rue Rogers stated.

The Texas Humane Legislation Network played a pivotal role in assisting the Young County community to further mitigate instances of animal cruelty.

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