The Effects of House Enrolled Act 1412 on Animal Welfare in Indiana

The Effects of House Enrolled Act 1412 on Animal Welfare in Indiana

Indiana House Enrolled Act 1412 regulates dog sales across the state. The key changes:

  • Requires registration with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health for pet stores, animal care facilities, rescue operations (effective July 1 2024).
  • Mandates random inspections for commercial dog breeders and brokers (starting July 1, 2025).
  • Established consumer protections: information disclosure about the dog and a 3-day return window.
  • Overturns local ordinances banning dog sales in pet stores.

Indiana’s pet industry is undergoing significant regulatory changes with the enactment of House Enrolled Act 1412 by the Indiana General Assembly. This legislation, approved last month, introduces statewide regulations affecting pet stores, animal care facilities and dog breeders. It supersedes prior local ordinances in cities such as Indianapolis and Bloomington.

Effective July1, retail pet stores, animal care facilities and animal rescue operations are mandated to register with the Indiana Stater Board of Animal Health. Further to this, commercial dog breeders and brokers, already entailed to register under Indiana Code, will face random inspections by the state board starting from July 1, 2025.

Non-compliance with the registration requirements carries penalties. Commercial breeders and brokers failing to register may face a Class A misdemeanor, while retail pet stores, animal care facilities and rescue operation may incur civil penalties of up to $10,000.

The enactment of House Enrolled Act 1412 has sparked debate, with proponents asserting it aims to combat unethical breeding practices and ensure transparency in pet sales. Opponents, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), have expressed concerns that the law could lead to an increase in “puppy mill cruelty.”

One conspicuous aspect of the new law is its impact on local ordinances. Previously, ordinances in Indianapolis and Bloomington restricted the sale of dogs at retail pet stores. Notwithstanding, these will be nullified by the statewide regulations.

Under the new law, pet store operations must offer comprehensive information to potential dog buyers. The information must include the dog’s breed, medical history and details of the breeder or broker. Furthermore, consumers are afforded a three-day return window for purchased dogs.

Representatives of the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare see the legislation as a positive step towards safeguarding ethical pet businesses. Jonathan Lawler – Public Policy Director for the Council – underscores the significance of addressing unethical practices while allowing transparent and responsible businesses to continue operating.

“What we saw were ordinances being passed across the state that punished everybody, regardless of how they operate. And with this new legislation, it helps us address the bad players and get them out of it, while allowing the good players to continue to do business in a very transparent and responsible way.”

In crafting the legislation, Representative Beau Baird – the author of the new law – aimed to establish consistent standards across the state and address concerns about unethical breeding practices not only in urban areas but also in unregulated regions.

“This measure is to empower consumers by providing them with the essential information about the dogs they are purchasing, fostering transparency and encouraging responsible breeding practices.”

While some lawmakers questioned the need for state interventions in local matters, Baird defended the legislation as a means to ensure statewide standards in animal treatment.

Lori Wilson – co-owner of Indiana-based Uncle Bill’s Pet Centers – is of the view that while there’s a place for local control, consumers ultimately have the choice to support businesses aligning with their values.

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