Victory for Elephants: Bangladesh Elephant Adoption Suspension

Victory for Elephants Bangladesh Elephant Adoption Suspension
  • The High Court of Bangladesh has suspended the issuance and renewal of licenses for adopting elephants from the wild. The decision aims to protect elephants from exploitation and abuse.
  • Approximately half of Bangladesh’s 200 elephants are kept in captivity – employed in circuses or used for begging.
  • Animal rights groups, including People for Animal Welfare (PAW), welcome the decision as a significant step towards ending elephant mistreatment.

A significant move for wildlife conservation, the High Court of Bangladesh has taken decisive action by suspending the issuance and renewal of licenses for adopting elephants from the wild. The decision manifests a concerted effort to safeguard Bangladesh’s critically endangered elephant population from exploitation and abuse.

Nearly half of Bangladesh’s 200 elephants are held in captivity, where they’re utilized for entertainment purposes in circuses or subject to the indignity of street begging. Widespread concerns have been raised pertaining to the inhumane treatment endured by captive elephants. It includes forced separation from their mothers and the implementation of brutal training techniques.

Animal rights organizations, particularly People for Animal Welfare (PAW), have lauded the court’s decision as an essential step towards ending the mistreatment of elephants in Bangladesh. Tragic incidents, such as the recent death of a young elephant used for begging, serve as poignant reminders of the urgent need for action to protect captive elephants from harm.

The commendable efforts of individuals like Barrister Saqeb Mahbub and organization like PAW are acknowledged for their unwavering advocacy in championing the cause of elephant welfare in Bangladesh.

“Thank you Barrister Saqeb Mahbub and The Team! You are such a good soul. Hope your work will show the dawn to the Elephants.”

Ms Ahsan stated on X .

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