Protecting the Planet’s Biodiversity: The Significance of World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day

Earth is full of the charming creatures which contribute to the delicate balance of our ecosystems. World wildlife day is a global tribute to honor all the wild species on our planet. This delightful event is celebrated on 3rd March every year to remind us the worth of all the animals, living in wild.

The term wildlife means “the undomesticated animal species, living or growing in some area without being introduced by humans”. Wildlife day not only serves us as a reminder but also a wake-up call to aware us about the needs of wild flora and fauna across the world. This day encourages us to take action for the betterment and well-being of all the wild animals.

World Wildlife Day History

Wildlife day is an event, introduced by the United Nations General Assembly in 1973 on 3rd March to help the endangered and near-threatened species in the world. This was the time when many living beings were being threatened and their annihilation was very high.

Moreover, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) was also applied to ensure the well-being and betterment all the wildlife.

In this context, another step was taken to aware public about the issues of endangered species on 20th December, 2013. At the 68th session of this event, the UN declared that a new idea and objective will be given every year to inform people about the altering nature of our world. 


World Wildlife Day 2024

Wildlife day is not confined to the animals only, it covers all the wild living species in it. Since, this day has different idea each year, sometimes it focuses an endangered animal, whereas in different years, it aims a specific issue related to the wildlife world.

World wildlife day is actually the idea from the CITES Secretariat, whose collaboration with UN organizations helps it to execute the necessary acts. This day reminds us of the necessary wildlife acts and their importance in our lives. Moreover, it highlights the extreme need to protect and conserve these valuable species and their habitats.


Timeline of wildlife day unveils a global journey devoted to protect the incredible diversity of the flora and fauna on our planet.


The Lacey Act

A great revolution in the history of wildlife conservation in the US was made by the “Lacey Game and Wild Birds Preservation and Disposition Act”, named after its sponsor, Iowa Congressman John F. Lacey.


Worldwide Efforts

Governments and societal organizations from all over the world started their efforts towards the conservation of wildlife to ease the exchange of resources for conservation efforts.


A Collective Effort

This was the time when a group of animal lovers raised awareness about the endangered and threatened species by the formation of world wildlife federation.


International Wildlife Protection

On 3rd March, an agreement (CITES) on “International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” was done in Washington DC to monitor the international trade.


Marking History

The very 1st wildlife day was celebrated on the 68th session of CITES, when the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared the day of March 3rd as the day of awareness.

How to Celebrate World Wildlife Day?

In order to discover about wildlife and its protection, you can celebrate this day with others (might be your friends or family).  Learn how wonderful they are on the special day, dedicated to them!

Enjoy a Zoo Visit

Take your Youngers with you to a local zoo to find out how many species of plants and animals actually exist. Teach the children about their life and challenges these species are facing.

Advocate for Wildlife

You can spend this day in spreading the awareness about the importance of wildlife. Being an animal or plant lover, you can introduce others with these unique species and their requirements.

Dive into Theme

Find out the year’s theme of this day and then get involved in it. You can discover a lot of things from internet like where that particular species is found, how we can contribute to their well-being etc.

Compete and Conserve

On this special day, you can involve yourself in the celebration through organizing a competition. You can also speak up this day to appreciate these animals or plants to conserve them.

Domestication and Care

While domesticating wildlife, it is necessary to ensure their physical and psychological well-being. Domestication of several species from both plants and animal kingdom dates back thousands of years. If you consider yourself a true wild lover and want to domesticate some wild species, then you must provide them the appropriate habitats, nutrition, and enrichment to mimic natural conditions.

Wildlife Day Dates

2024 March 3   Sunday   
2025 March 3    Monday   
2026 March 3 Tuesday  
2027 March 3   Wednesday
2028   March 3     Friday


Wildlife Day, a very special day for wild lovers was declared by the United Nations General Assembly. This was the main policy-making sector of the assembly. With the passage of time, it has become the most important annual event which is dedicated to the wildlife to protect and preserve them.

The main aim of this celebration is to raise responsiveness among the people and care for wild species that are threatened and need protection. People from all over the world come to know a different theme each year on this day to make well-being of wildlife better.

Wildlife had got serious attention for more than 70 years, yet a proper day for the wild species was officially started by the UN in 2013.

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