World Lion Day Spotlight: Preserving the Majesty of Big Cats

World Lion day

A day for the Kings of Jungle with strong and powerful appearance! All of us are familiar with lions very well as they are the most popular animal species. They are very famous among children due to the pop culture icons like Simba from “The Lion King”. Due to several factors, they are less than 50,000 individuals worldwide. In order to aware people about their life and challenges, World lion day is celebrated every year on 10th of August.

World Lion Day History

Lion day is actually the result of the efforts of a couple, Dereck and Beverly Joubert. With the purpose to preserve the wild cats, this couple approached the “National Geographic” for help. This partnership resulted in the Big Cat Initiative (B.C.I.) in 2009, after which the very first lion day was declared in 2013.

Facts about Lions

Common Name

Scientific Name

Number of Species

Population Size




Top Speed



Most Distinctive Feature


  Panthera leo   


23,000 – 39,000

   10 – 15 years

      265 – 420 lbs

  4.5 – 6.5 ft

         50 mph


  Hares, turtles, mice, cheetahs, buffaloes, leopards, crocodiles, baby elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, giraffes

   strong, compact bodies and powerful forelegs     

Bonus Facts

  • Lions are the 2nd largest cat in the world after the Asian tiger
  • Lion is listed as the vulnerable on the IUCN List of Threatened Species
  • Color of mane of lion shows its age, darker one shows more aged lion
  • Cubs have spots on their coats which fade with increase of age


August 10th is a mindfulness day for the public to come together and pay tribute to these powerful animals. These inspiring species with high speed and muscular power are credited this day to be the part of our planet. This day gives us message to work together to reduce the threats and challenges that lions are currently facing. It is an opportunity for all the lion lovers to stop the declining factors of lion population; on the related note, regrettably, Barbary lion became the victim of the extinction.



Scientific name of lions

Scientific name of lions “Felis Leo” was invented by a Swedish zoologist and botanist, Carl Linnaeus.


Lions in red list

IUCN placed lions in the red list due to decrease in population of African lion by 45% from 1990.


A new initiative

The partnership of Dereck and Beverly Joubert with “national geographic” introduced an initiative to protect lions.


First lion day

To involve all the people in the lion conservation efforts, B.C.I declared the 1st World Lion Day.

Statistics that Matter

  • A group of lions is called pride with 15 lions in it
  • Roar of lion crosses distance of 5 miles
  • Lion takes sleep of 20 hours in a day

How to Celebrate Lion Day?

World Lion Day Spotlight Preserving the Majesty of Big Cats

Refusing lion products

Are you thinking to buy a new bag or coat, or some other similar stuff? You should be aware of the fact that from where it is coming. If it is some animal’s skin product then say no to it. Educate people to stop buying these products to reduce sales and market value.

Updating profile

You can simply change your profile photos on your social media accounts by replacing them with a lion photo. If you are good in drawing, then just draw a sketch and share it with your friends.

Donating funds

You can donate some funds to some trusted charities which are associated with the lion day, such as Defenders of Wildlife, Ewaso Lions, IFAW, Saving the Lion Foundation, LionAid, Lion Guardians, and many more.

Domestication and Care

Since lions are wild animals, their domestication is not a practical activity. They have some specialized needs regarding their habitat and diet so, it is better to let them remain in the wild. However, we should effort to reduce the challenging factors for them like poaching, illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss and deforestation. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Lion page offers a wealth of information on lion conservation efforts and their vital role in the ecosystem.

World Lion Day Dates

2024August 10  Saturday
2025August 10   Sunday
2026August 10  Monday
2027August 10  Tuesday
2028August 10   Thursday


The purpose of this day is just to spread awareness among people to protect lions so it can be celebrated in any way you like the most. Educating others about lions, stopping use of lion products or donating funds to some organization are a few ways from which you can choose.

Most of lions are found in Africa, below the Sahara Desert. However, a very small population of lions is present in the Gir Forest National Park, India.

Lion day is an event to educate people about the threats faced by the lions. We shed light on the speedy declining population of lions in the world and its causes. This is because of the fact that lions had got the status of “endangered” and “vulnerable” species recently by the IUCN.

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